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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Christmas Miracle

So I've been meaning to share a story with you all for a while now, but just haven't made the time.  A couple of months ago, a guest speaker at our church was sharing a message about living a generous life, and giving freely.  He wrote a book about it called "The Blessed Life."  God was really speaking to my heart about this, and I was having kind of an internal conversation with Him about it.  I was struggling, because I LOVE being generous and giving to others, yet my life is a daily struggle financially.  During the message, I was reminded of a season of life a few years ago, when God was really using my wife and I to give to others in abundance.  We gave freely and sacrificially of our money, our time, and our energy to others.  And we were tremendously blessed as a result of it.  Yet somehow it slipped away.  Our marriage grew rocky, and we eventually divorced.  However, when I look back, one of the times I miss the most are those times where we were making a difference in others' lives.  There was Kenny the homeless guy I became friends with, Jessica the quadriplegic that my wife befriended, Don the blind and deaf man who we befriended, Merle and Glenda the homeless couple that needed help - all of the people really stretched us in one way or another, but God used that to show us that life is not all about us and our little world and our problems.  Rather, fulfillment in God is found in focusing our lives on serving each other and serving Him by serving others in need.
So as I was listening to this message, I was asking God to take me again to a place in my life where I can serve others freely, and yet I was doubting/questioning how much I really had to offer, especially financially.  I was thinking "God, I really want to be able to give generously like this guy does, and I love his stories about how people call him and give him things all the time, but honestly, no one is going to just call me up and say 'Hi, I want to give you a gift.'"  Guess what?  NO LIE - Less than a minute after finishing that thought/prayer, my phone rang.  The voice of someone I'd never met said, "Jason, I want to give you a gift."  I was stunned.  Did that just actually happen to me?  It was surreal.  And the circumstances leading up to the gift were just as amazing.
So here's my story.  I hope that someone reads this, and that it will profoundly affect them.  Here's what God is doing in my heart and life today.  So I have been wanting to sell my daughters' bunk beds recently.  I really needed the extra room in my small 1 bedroom apt - we had 4 beds in one room (counting the bunk beds as 2) and it was super tight.  They have taken over my bed and I sleep on the couch on the weekends they're with me.  Plus I really needed the extra money for Christmas presents for my daughters and my son.  It's been a VERY tight year, having gone through a divorce, and working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. 
However, things took a different turn this weekend.  After procrastinating for weeks, I finally put the bunk beds on Craigslist.  Within a couple of hours, I got a dozen emails wanting the beds.  But to be fair, I contacted the first person who emailed me, a single mom.  She bought the beds from me, good deal for both of us.  Her bro-in-law came by to pick them up, super nice guy.  So the next day, I went to church.  There was a guest speaker there, talking about giving generously.  He was talking about giving over and above the tithe.  I was thinking, God, I'd like to do that, but I don't know how I can. The message really moved me to tears, hearing about how God blessed this guy, and how he gave it all away, even to the point of giving away everything he owned, and God gave him an airplane.  I thought, God, I want to give like that, but I can't even provide for my family.  I can't even get by on what I make.  How can I do this?  I thought, Okay, God, here's the deal... I'll tithe and give an offering off of what I made from the bunk beds and from what little I made at my part time job this weekend.  That's all I have faith for right now.  I don't have enough faith to tithe off my full paycheck.  God, if you want me to do THAT you're going to have to give me the faith to do that.  Please give me the faith, but then thought to myself, Those were good stories, but no one is going to call ME out of the blue and say "I have something I want to give you."  Less than a minute later, my phone rang, and a random stranger said, "I have something I want to give you."  Blew me away.  Come to find out, the single mom I sold the bunk beds to - her sister was in Hobby Lobby yesterday shopping, and someone came up to her, and said God told them to give her $100.  She then prayed about what to do with it, and God told her to give it to me.  So she did, and I was absolutely blown away.  I really needed Christmas money.  Not to mention, that I didn't think we were gonna get Christmas bonuses at work and not only did we get bonuses, we got far more than I ever imagined we would get.  So we are going to have a great Christmas at the Stover home this year. :)  And I get to give away a loveseat and air mattress to another single mom who deserves it!  God is SO good!

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