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Monday, December 6, 2010


     Alright ladies and gents, so here's the deal.  I'd like to clear some things up about this little speck of the world.  Before I venture out into blogdom, I'd like to spend a bit spelling out what this blog is, and what it ain't.  I have some very specific goals and purposes for this lil' adventure, and I also want to make sure that the name/purpose of The Lone Ranger Dad isn't misinterpreted, or worse, misrepresented at some point in time.

     First, let me clarify what The Lone Ranger Dad ISN'T.  First and foremost, this is not a place to air dirty laundry, either mine or anyone else's.  It isn't a place to attack or criticize others, especially not the single moms/ex's in our lives.  It isn't a place to complain, gripe, or point fingers at anyone.  And me? Here's what I'm NOT.  I'm not anyone special, I'm not a guy who thinks he has it all figured out, and I'm not anywhere even close to being perfect.  What about the name - The Lone Ranger Dad?  It's not intended for anyone to think I'm advocating that single dads, or even myself, are or should be mavericks, loners, or the "I don't need anyone else, I can do it all by myself" types.  That's the farthest thing from what I want this blog to be.

     Now for the important part, what this blog IS.  The Lone Ranger Dad is an outlet.  It is a place for me to muse, ramble, and just maybe, inspire some thought provoking thoughts. ;)  It is a place for me to encourage in any way that I can, the other single dads out there who have a passion for their children.  A place to lift up those guys who aspire to be their childrens' hero.  Hopefully a small piece in a bigger puzzle of trying to minister to the single and divorced fathers out there, and the people who love them and their kids.  I chose the Lone Ranger Dad as the name for this blog because the Lone Ranger embodies so many of the good qualities of a good father, and what I want this blog to be.  Great dads are fighters for truth and justice in a culture that many times villifies fathers and men in general, especially in divorce.  Great dads often feel alone, unrecognized, unappreciated, and unsupported. Great dads face much adversity and hardship, and they do it with great courage, even when they are very afraid, discouraged, downtrodden, and depressed.  Great dads never, never, never EVER give up.  Even though MANY times we really feel like giving up.  Great dads are the good guys.  Great dads are heroes to our children, and they inspire greatness in others.  Great dads do the right thing, even when it's hard.  Those, my friends, are the reasons I chose The Lone Ranger Dad.  Couple of differences though, between us and the "real" Lone Ranger.  There isn't just one Tonto - we are all here to be each others' Tonto, to have each others' backs, to support and encourage one another, to help fight each others' battles.  And we have the Supreme Tonto (the good LORD) to remind us that we're never alone, that He always has our backs and is looking out for our best interests.  Oh, and one more thing - around here, there's no need for a mask. :)

Sorry if this rambled a bit, it's late at night, and I'm running on fumes.... Thanks for reading, and I look forward to beginning this journey with each of you who might stumble across this dab 'o dirt from time to time.  Have a great night.

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  1. Glad you are moving forward with this Jason. I've heard it said that often our greatest passions come from our greatest hurts. Praying that God would bless your efforts here as you continue in Christ in all that you do.